Mini Implants

Here, everything is “mini“: Treatment time, implant size, and costs. But are mini implants really advisable?

Mini implants are merely a couple of millimeters and therefore shorter than conventional implants. They can be embedded on a single day without having to undergo tedious treatment and, up to a certain point, can also be strained immediately after the operation. Generally, a temporary denture is applied until the implants have regained full strength after approx. half a year has passed. These implants are particularly interesting for patients exhibiting small amounts of jaw bone substance or not resilient enough for a more extensive operation due to illness or old age. In addition, they are significantly less expensive than conventional implants as they tend to be easier to produce (in one piece).

Before you pick up the phone to make an appointment for the operation, you need to realize that mini implants cannot be considered equal alternatives to conventional implants. They provide an option for patients who are overburdened with the usual implantation process for the reasons mentioned above. They do improve the grip of full and partial dentures, but they are hardly suitable to retain entire teeth or bridges. They are certainly not capable of maintaining a level of stability in the mouth area even close to that of full-fledged dentures and can also break more easily.

Do not be misled by advertizing claims (“Implants on just one day“): Under normal conditions, mini implants do not constitute valid alternatives to a regular dental implant. However, they can certainly be indicated in the cases mentioned above.