Implant or Pivot Tooth?

A pivot tooth constitutes a special feature among the various tooth-preserving measures as it is to be considered an artificial crown anchored in the natural tooth root by means of a thin metall, ceramic or synthetic pin. For this reason, sufficiently available substance from the natural tooth root is a basic prerequisite. The pivot tooth is also referred to as a post crown, seeing that in fact we are dealing with a crown exhibiting an unusual form of anchoring.

Statutory health insurance providers usually make a contribution when it comes to paying for a pivot tooth but usually only take on part of the costs. For this reason, dental treatment by means of a pivot tooth is usually less expensive than an implant-based solution. Unfortunately, it is also less durable: In most cases, the tooth root has already been attacked and thus tends to be fragile and incapable of withstanding continuous loads resulting from chewing in the long term. In contrast, an implant-based solution constitutes an investment in the future: Proficiently implanted, durabilities of 20 years or more can be achieved.