Can an Implant Give Rise to Pain?

Generally speaking, implant treatments tend to be conducted with little or no pain arising. However, it certainly is possible that patients feel slight pain directly after the operation. Your dentist will prescribe painkillers for you in order to get a grip on the pain by means of medicinal assistance. Please make sure you cool the treated area regularly! The pain should subside within two to three days.

However, if the pain ends up persisting for a longer period of time, you should consult your implantologist immediately! Sustained pain may be pointing to a possible complication having occurred during the implantation. Have your implantologist examine your jaw and describe the severity of the pain and its form of occurrence to him (continuous, throbbing, acute, or chronic)! If the pain is identified as a symptom for an underlying problem, pain therapy is not expedient as the actual causes need to be examined.

In most cases, the implant is not identified as foreign matter by the organism and completely heals into the jaw (osseointegration). In very rare cases, however, this procedure fails and the implant needs to be removed. If the pain arises near the location of the implant, we could very well be dealing with the so-called burned bone syndrom which may have occurred during the operation. However, problems may also arise months or even years after an operation. Infections near the implant frequently go undetected for long periods of time due to the fact that the patient is not necessarily in any noteworthy pain. Insufficient oral hygiene or diseases can be the main causes for a situation like this. Peri-implantitis needs to be treated surgically and the forecast is all the better the earlier it is detected.