All On 4 ™

Two problems frequently arise when seeking to work with implants in a completely toothless jaw: Costs and bone loss. Treating the jaw exclusively with implants would be expensive. In many cases, extensive bone augmentation is necessary, also tending to lead to high costs. However, there is indeed a treatment concept promising remedy.

The All-On-4 procedure enables the insertion of a sessile denture on merely four implants. For the most part, two implants each are inserted in the front and back of the jaw bone. In order to achieve the best possible resistance, the implants are placed somewhat obliquely. This arrangement provides sufficient stability for mounting a prosthesis or bridge which is then firmly screwed together with the implants. Exhaustive bone augmentation is usually not necessary.

This solution guarantees perfectly tight fit as well as good cleanability for the dentist. In the course of regular prophylaxis sessions, the prosthesis can be removed in order to expose the implants to thorough cleaning. The main disadvantage of this type of care is the limited cleanability.