Sessile Dentures

Sessile dentures constitute the first choice for most patients whenever aesthetics, durability and tight fit are the main priorities and have proven to be a reliable method in the field of dental care. Sessile dentures are available as crowns, bridges or dental implants.

Nowadays, ceramic has come to be the most frequently applied material, but there are other dental replacement materials as well.

Ordinarily, sessile dentures are felt to be more comfortable in patients‘ everyday lives. Whether speaking, laughing or eating, sessile dentures feel more like a part of one’s own body. Generally speaking, dentures hold tight and have a positive appearance. As long as they are maintained appropriately, dentures can be extremely durable, particularly in the form of a dental implant.

The downside to the sessile denture is that it is almost always more costly than the removable alternative. Also, treatment time is usually longer: First, a molding of the teeth is performed in order to produce a positive model in the dental lab, made from wax and synthetic components. Subsequently, in a complex procedure, the dental technician creates the dental bridge or crown. The insertion of implants constitutes a multilevel procedure as well and may require preceding bone augmentation.     

For these reasons, patients must weigh all options and make a decision as to which criteria are decisive in their particular situation. General advice is not in order as indications, demands, and preferences can vary strongly between patients.

Zahnimplantate EN

Ein Zahnimplantat ist oft die bessere Alternative zur Brücke. Kein Eingriff in die Zahnsubstanz, bessere Haltbarkeit, weniger Komplikationen.

Dental Crowns

Instead of the natural version, the artificial dental crown is inserted onto the damaged tooth like a cover.

Dental Bridges

In cases where vital teeth are situated near the gap, a bridge can be reasonable. The healthy teeth...

All On 4 ™

The All-On-4 procedure enables the insertion of a sessile denture on merely four implants.