Combined Dentures

For combined dentures, one sessile and one removable component are applied in combination as interacting elements. This is also frequently referred to as combination prosthetics, representing a well-established, esthetically attractive type of care.

For this purpose, a partial prosthesis is usually attached to the residual dentition above the sessile denture, in other words, there need to be some natural teeth left in the jaw that can serve as an anchor for attaching the sessile component. Stable support is achieved by means of tight anchoring, enabling the patient to laugh, eat and speak flexibly. In addition, this type of care is hardly disturbing in visual terms: As it tends to be completely free of visible elements, there are no metal clamps or the like to disturb the overall impression.

The sessile component is attached to the existing dentition by means of anchoring elements. The dentist will decide on site with you as to what type of treatment is advisable in your situation. We can distinguish between the following options:

  • Attachments / Debris
  • Double Crowns, Conus Crowns, or Telescope Crowns
  • Bars
  • Latches
  • Snap-Fastener Anchors
  • Joints