Sessile Dentures

First choice whenever aesthetics, durability and tight fit are in demand.

Zahnimplantate EN

Ein Zahnimplantat ist oft die bessere Alternative zur Brücke. Kein Eingriff in die Zahnsubstanz, bessere Haltbarkeit, weniger Komplikationen.

Dental Crowns

Instead of the natural version, the artificial dental crown is inserted onto the damaged tooth like a cover.

Dental Bridges

In cases where vital teeth are situated near the gap, a bridge can be reasonable. The healthy teeth...

All On 4 ™

The All-On-4 procedure enables the insertion of a sessile denture on merely four implants.

Removable Dentures

Most human beings tend to lose their teeth when they grow old, frequently in the form of a...

Combined Dentures

One sessile and one removable component are usually used as interacting elements in combined dentures.

Dental Replacement Materials

The choice can be tough: Different types of dentures consist of different types of materials, each displaying their...

Dental Fillings

When the damage is limited, the tooth can usually be preserved and tended to with a filling.