Time of Implantation

The time of implantation is dependent on several different factors and has a significant impact on the further procedure and the prospects of a successful implantation in the long term. Generally speaking, the jaw bone needs some time following a tooth extraction until the implant can be inserted. Granting it this time enables a comprehensive healing process; if necessary, bone augmentation can be conducted and mouth hygiene completely restored. This technique has prevailed in practice and is also referred to as a “late implantation“. However, under certain conditions (surgical possibilities, anatomical features, patients‘ requests), an immediate or delayed implantation are also worth considering.

Immediate Implantation

“Implants in one day“ sounds good. But how workable are promises like this in reality?

Delayed Implantation

In terms of time, the delayed implantation is situated in between the other two options and is considered...

Late Implantation

The standard procedure is the late implantation, which tends to be low-risk and reliable, however time-consuming.