Bone Spreading

Similarly to the sinus lift, bone spreading is primarily employed in the upper jaw area. These two procedures are frequently applied in combination. For the lower jaw, the so-called “bone splitting“ procedure represents a valid alternative.

Bone Spreading is a procedure seeking to broaden the maxilla bone. Frequently and particularly following a long period of toothlessness, the jaw bone is too narrow to be capable of absorbing an implant. By means of bone spreading, the alveolar crest can be broadened to an extent that it provides safe support for an implant which can often be inserted immediately after the operation.  

During bone spreading, the fairly soft alveolar crest is prepared by means of drills in order to stretch the dental arch outward. Subsequently, the gap between the two sections of bone is filled by means of the patient’s own bone or bone replacement material. Thanks to the process of ingrowth into the jaw bone, sufficient grounds for a dental implant are observable following a waiting period of several months.