Augmentation by means of Foreign Materials

Whenever Biological Bone Augmentation is out ouf question, we are compelled to revert to foreign material. Regarding the process of bone augmentation by means of foreign material, three different options can be identified:

It is important to note that dead bone replacement materials such as cattle bone, cadaver bone or synthetic material are purely osteoinductive, in other words, this material merely functions as a structure into which the bone can (but must not) grow. Also, there is a danger that this material will not be marbled by the patient’s own bone. Whether or not this happens is highly dependent upon the patient’s individual regeneration potential. This may work for one patient while failing for another. Even worse – these materials are extremely susceptible to any kind of (e.g. bacterial) contamination through saliva, which is why infections and losses of replacement material frequently occur during the healing period. 

Augmentation by means of Cattle Bone

Bone augmentation can also be pursued based on bovine material. Once again, it is necessary to weigh advantages...

Augmentation by means of Cadaver Bone

Donor bones of deceased human beings may also be used for the purpose of bone augmentation.

Augmentation by means of Synthetic Bone Replacement Material

For some time now, synthetically produced bone replacement materials have been in use for bone augmentation.